I am a survivor, military spouse, and mama; passionate about helping people challenge limiting beliefs, to change their lives.

hey, I'm tonya

In 2017 I met my (now) husband, and it encouraged me to rethink what hustle looked like to me. Previously, it was out of survival mode.
What would that same willpower, energy, determination look like, if it was no longer needing to "survive", but instead thrive, and have impact?
That same year, while still holding two jobs, I got into the real estate industry determined to make an impact.

A year later, while my husband was deployed and I was spinning my wheels to succeed in real estate, I realized the amount of misinformation in the military community around real estate and the VA loan. I realized how many people weren't changing their lives, not because they didn't WANT to, but because they didn't know they COULD with real estate and just how darn simple it is. My goal shifted; it was no longer to sell houses. I just wanted to scream this secret I had from the rooftops. If they didn't want to use that secret, great, but it became my obsession to educate as many people so they had the OPTION to change their lives if they wanted to. Something that watching "Homeless to Harvard" did for me as a young homeless girl.
Thus, leading with education as a real estate agent became my thing.
In doing this, I also shared the same passion, techniques, and resources with other real estate agents to empower them to not only change their lives; but succeed through changing others lives, and in 2019 (2 months before we PCSed ourselves) ; The PCS Pro Team with Keller Williams was born.

The PCS Pro Team has provided careers to over 100 military spouses and service members, given back over $1million to our communities, and served over 3000 military families with real estate needs across 17 states, we've ranked in the top 0.01% of the real estate industry; and we are just getting started. Through all of this; we have PCSed again, deployed again, and welcomed our first child. 

Or so society says...

the catalyst...

skip to the good part...


I spent my high school years obsessed with my future, studying, planning, manifesting what it would look like; and HOW I would get there. 
10 days after high school graduation, with not much to my name other than a whole lot of new student loans and some gifted graduation money from distant relatives, I boarded a one way plane out of my hometown in the middle of the pacific ocean, and I landed in Colorado (that's a story for another time) to begin my life.
The next few years were filled with hustle. 
Little sleep, double shifts between my constant rotation of 3 jobs, full time class loads, bus schedules, etc.

My childhood was filled with struggle and pain. Between having a single disabled (multiple sclerosis) mother raising me, several instances of homelessness, multiple situations of abuse, and just overall living in poverty,
I wasn't supposed to do much with my life.

Story Time...

through all of the challenges in my life; i have chosen to climb higher.
it's not easy, it's not supposed to be.
but it is worth it.
you are worth it.


and now I am here to tell you the same; YOU CAN.
you CAN have the big life: the big career and the big personal life.

boy, was i wrong.

I used to say I didn't want kids.

Isn't that funny? The woman who is absolutely obsessed with contact naps and bringing her baby everywhere, didn't want kids
It's not because I didn't WANT kids, it's because I didn't think I was capable. I didn't think I could have both; the life changing career and being a present mom.

This is exactly what I was made for; motherhood...


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